Artist: T.O.S. (aka Timothy Shumaker)
Title: The McLean & Hoyne EP
Release: July 1, 1999
Format: 12" EP

Aside: Only When I'm Late , Dark & Lovely
Bside: Slide Rule, Hong Min

all tracks administered by Nordic Trax Publishing

  Audio Samples for NT008: "Only When I'm Late"  

  Biography - TIM SHUMAKER

TIM SHUMAKER aka T.O.S. aka Home & Garden Home & Garden is the latest guise of Tim Shumaker, who released an EP for Nordic Trax (NT008-12) in July of 99 as T.O.S., the critically acclaimed 'McLean & Hoyne EP'. Tim also has releases on Silver Network, Classic, Red Nail, Bombay and Seasons amongst others.

He recently moved back to Chicago from NYC, and his 'Leaving Babylon Ep' (NT017-12) features the talents of two other Chicago favourites: DJ Colette sings vocals on 'Innocent', while JT Donaldson joins in on 'Tacky Tracky'.

Tim also did a fantastic mix of MTrax 'Trip Chick' as Home & Garden (NT016-12) a beats-driven Latino remix which lifts the original to a summer dimension.

Expect an LP from Home & Garden later this year on Derrick Carter's Classic.