Debuting just two years ago on the Fiji imprint with the EP, 'Maple Grooves', Bostonian Morgan Page has quickly grown from a talented up- and-comer to the accomplished innovative producer he is today. He has remixed such people as the Grammy-nominated group Wax Poetics, UK's Nigel Hayes and the Tim Shumaker led project Home & Garden, as well as releasing critically-acclaimed recordings on Fiji, Nordic Trax, Mother Tongue and Chalant. His deep chord textures layered upon clean slicing rhythms have created an unmistakable signature sound that has fully come to fruition on his debut album, "Drifting Into View".

Impressively Morgan began composing electronic-oriented music at the age of 12. By 15, his work appeared on local college radio and commercial stations on a weekly basis in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont. From there it wasn't long before Morgan got his own radio show at The University of Vermont, filling in for a friend on a popular Saturday night slot. This turned into a weekly endeavor that introduced Morgan to the vast assortment of electronic music that came by the box load every week. After interning for Plastic City in New York, house music became more and more a labor of love. Morgan soon after found his true musical vision in tech house that quickly grew into an obsession and a way of life.

"Drifting Into View" completes Morgan's transformation from a student of house music to one of its most exciting young producers. The album deftly showcases Morgan's complete control of his studio. Hanging over his trademark beats are evolving layers of lush atmospherics which project a steady pulsing flow that pulls the listener deeper into the album. Standout cuts include a collaboration with Nettwerk recording artist and Super Jane member Colette on leadoff single 'All I Need', and "What I've Seen', a melancholic mid-tempo track which hypnotizes with it's simplistic melody. Most significantly Morgan has created an album where tracks interlock completing a puzzle, in the end developing a translucent home listening experience that is destined to leave a long lasting impression.

Morgan is now preparing himself for his first PA tour and recently debuted his "Drifiting Into View" live set at the grand opening of the Virgin Megastore in Boston. Watch out for this young sensation, as he preaches his tech house gospel in your town soon. Check below at the praise Morgan's tracks have received in the press.

Morgan Page - Lonely Night EP [Fiji] FIJI016
"Superior deep techy house at its finest twists your mind into altering states to see and feel what you have never before." DJ Oxide, Jackhouse December 2001

Morgan Page - Pathways [Nordic Trax] NT015
"Morgan Page releases a four tracker on another great Canadian label, Nordic Trax. As with his Fiji release, good groove is mixed excellently with more mellow sounds, creating a really unique flavor to his music."

All four tracks patiently build with skippy beats and subtle chords before dropping down with deep subs and raw organic chords. Capably building a bridge between deep soulful house and subtle moonlight tech, this EP is a must for lovers of Mantis, Grayhound and Guidance." XLR8R Magazine SF, #46 (Luke Magnuson)

Home & Garden - Innocent (The Remixes) Nordic Trax 020
"The amazing Morgan Page mix, I'm sure will achieve mythical status over the coming months." 5/5 Dave Congreve
(The Bomb)

Morgan Page -Touch Tone EP [Chalant] CHALANT002
Exploring the point where deep house meets with dub-fuelled techno, the three tracks here are perfect mixing fodder for DJs into that Cologne/click house kinda of vibe. Proper late night grooves for the Horizontally inclined. 4/5 - Dave Mothersole, Muzik #72 May 2001

discography LPs / EPs / Remixes:
Morgan Page - Maple Grooves EP [Fiji, US]
Morgan Page - Pathways [Nordic Trax, UK]
Morgan Page - Touch Tone EP [Chalant, US]
Home & Garden - Innocent (Morgan Page remix) [Nordic Tax, UK/CA]
Wax Poetic - Angels (Morgan Page remix) [Mother Tongue, US]
Nigel Hayes - Que Pasa (Morgan Page remix) [Contrast Music, US]
Morgan Page - Paradigm EP [Mother Tongue, US]
Morgan Page - Lonely Night EP [Fiji, US]
Morgan Page feat. Colette - "All I Need" [Nordic Trax UK/CA]
Morgan Page - Drifting Into View [Nordic Trax UK/CA]
Morgan Page - Distant Accents pt. 1 [Magnified, US]
Morgan Page - Distant Accents pt. 2 [Magnified, US]

Various Artists - Lazy Transmissions mixed by Luke Mckheehan [Nordic Trax, UK/CA]
Various Artists - Urbnet Housemix Vol.1 mixed by DJ Oxide [Urbnet/Koch Int'l, CA]