The Goods at The Beach Plaza Hotel, March 25 2005

Big ups to, Iris Distribution, Basic NYC, M3, The Beach Plaza Hotel, Sobe Adrenaline & Klublife for your support.

Beach Plaza - 96 degrees in the shade
Mike Edge & Gavin Froome

Froome checks his email
Miami is so hot right now...

Boo & Sleepyface
Boo in the mix

JT in the mix
Sup Vancouver?

Luke warms it up
Gavin & Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson, Raoul Belmans & Luke McKeehan
Matt from Iris

JT Donaldson & Troydon
Heather please
Peeps 2
Peeps 3
Luke McKeehan, Scottie B & Pete Moss
JT Donaldson, Ramiro/Uniting Souls & Luke McKeehan
Heather & Pete Moss