Biography - DJ HEATHER

DJ Heather, Chicago's best-kept secret, has been spending the least amount of her time in Chi-town, let alone North America. As a regular on the international circuit, Heather's style has become synonymous with her special delivery of underground house, with elements of techno and classic disco. "Many things influence me, more than just one sound. If it's quality music and I enjoy it, I'll play that record, you have to bring a little bit of everything to what you do and that makes for a broader experience." Heather is a Chicago house pioneer trained in the art of transforming dance floors into jumpin'-bumpin' stomping ground. Quickly becoming one of America's most in-demand DJs, Heather has demonstrated her sharp ability to take hold of the masses from Vancouver to Toronto, to Berlin, France and Ibiza, Heather is tearing up the floors.

DJ Heather has shared the stage with Jamiroquai and Black Grape. In 2000, many house-heads across the United States and Canada were lucky to catch her performing with Mark Farina on the San Francisco Sessions Tour 2000.

DJ Heather is an 'edutainer'. In her own words "trying to incorporate music that you love and enjoy. To make a reflection of you out of this art form. It's an extension of you and you have to take it very seriously. And at the same time you take it all with a grain of salt. It is just playing records and it all really comes down to the party." On the production front, Heather has co-produced tracks with Derrick Carter, JT Donaldson, Brett Johnson and has records out with Seasons Recordings and Afterhours.

In 2000, Heather released 'Tangerine' a mixed CD on the now defunct Afterhours label and currently she is the midst of touring in support of her latest mix CD, which is released on Nordic Trax entitled Dancefloor Principles. With 10 years of experience behind her, DJ Heather has grown to become one of Chicago's most-skilled exports of funky house.