Gavin Froome 'Data Tracks To Distant Cities' - NT003 - 12"
Gavin Froome 'Fly Me To Brasil' - NT005 - 12"
Gavin Froome 'Disco Speciality' - NT009 - 12"
Gavin Froome 'Mobile Villager' - NT010CD/2LP
Gavin Froome 'Skunks' - NT013 - 12"
Gavin Froome 'Post & Beam' - NT022 - CD/LP
Gavin Froome 'Underground Heroes' - NT044 - CD/LP
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  Biography - GAVIN FROOME

Independent music producer Gavin Froome will release his third album for Nordic Trax in October ‘04. Underground Heroes has that refined sound neatly described by XLR8R Magazine as ‘the kind of swanky house and slinky down tempo that could turn shit into sugar.’

Inspired by the Pacific West Coast propensity for turning out internationally acclaimed art & design, Underground Heroes is a tribute to all those talented artists who are yet to be acknowledged. A Vancouver discovery himself, Froome has returned with a diverse and stylish vibe, ranging from stomping house to jazzy down tempo. Boozy A.M. has already been snapped up for XLR8R’s Sept ’04 Incite CD and Sunsets was recently licensed to D’Julz on-line mix project Audio Families - and to Renaissance, the latest compilation from Sander Kleinenberg.

One of the few talents in North America to combine a live improvisation element into his DJ performances, Froome displays a remarkable ability to innovate and evolve in line with globally acclaimed artists. He started out with the 909 Drum Machine and Akai Sampler; moved into MPC 2000 before progressing to the super-portable Powerbook, so that the full studio experience can be set up anywhere from the most compact DJ booth to the corner of a Lounge Bar.

Froome, aka the ‘Deep House Machine’, will showcase his acclaimed on-the-fly talents for the Underground Heroes live tour. Built around all elements of the album, he will manipulate and create a unique version for each individual set.

With a list of successful EPs and two albums under his belt, Froome has been hailed as one of Canada’s finest up-and-coming music producers. His first EP, the 1998 Data Tracks to Distant Cities, appeared on some top DJ play lists and was described by XLR8R as ‘tracks which deserve to be heard on dance floors the world over’. LA-based producer David Alvarado included the EP on his compilation West Coast Vibes Vol.3 for LA's Phatt Phunk Records.

Later that year, Nordic Trax delivered Froome’s opening into the realm of tech funk: Fly Me To Brasil. The track became an overnight classic on discerning dance floors, from San Francisco to Edinburgh, and earned instant media attention. DJ Magazine championed the track as ‘a really raw piece of club music, led by a fat as fuck bassline’, while London's Circa summed it up as ‘Acoustic Taco, with extra chillies’. A second release in the build-up to a long-awaited LP, Disco Specialty was also a major success, recognized as peak time play by the likes of Carl Cox & Armand Van Helden.

Froome has an infectious tendency to have fun wherever he goes and the rogue in him is often reflected in his music. His debut LP for NT, Mobile Villager was released in 1999 and promptly charted by many top DJ’s including Swag, DIY, Ben Watt, Dino & Terry, DJ Garth and Mark Farina. With late night/early morning deep sessions alongside disco-influenced tech-house, DJ Magazine also noticed that renowned element of wit: ‘there's even a cheeky sense of humour at work within the musical warp and weft’. Mobile Villager displayed a diverse range of styles with wide appeal - Sony licensed two cuts for a new campaign of mini-disc commercials and the acclaimed French-Canadian filmmaker Denys Arcand used Froome on the soundtrack for Stardom, shown as the closing film of the Cannes Film Festival.

Following the success of Mobile Villager, the EP Skunks was released to great acclaim; hailed by DJ Mag as a ‘real gear-shifter’. A deliciously deep and funky house track, his sound had matured to produce hits for the ‘wisely chilled out’. It was a superb prelude to the 2001 release of Froome’s second LP Post & Beam, credited by XLR8R as an album with enough depth to shift him beyond the dance floor and into the homes of the discerning listener - and aptly described by Mix Mag as a ‘venture into the sleeker side of house music’.

Respected by both the music industry and by commercial pioneers, Froome has entered new realms of recognition. He has been commended by a wide variety of respected selectors, including Carl Cox, Andrew Weatherall and Giles Peterson. He has played alongside Marques Wyatt, Steve Lawler, Luke McKeehan, Demarkus Lewis, H-Foundation, DJ Heather, Jon Delerious, DJ Harry (Sub Club), Dino & Terry, Capital A, DJ Fluid (Om) and Danny Tenaglia. His imminent third LP release is sure arrive with style and kick the shit out of the dance floor.

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