TITLE: Fly Me To Brasil
CATALOGUE: NT005 - 12"
RELEASE: OCT. 14 1998

Track Listing:

side A
1. Fly Me To Brasil
side B
2. 8th Hour
3. Fly Me Dub

  Audio Samples for NT005: "Fly Me to Brasil"    

  XLR8R MAGAZINE (SF, US) - #34 - Jan/Feb 1999 Gavin Froome - Fly Me to Brasil CAN 12" " One of the problems of not having a great amount of disposable income for records is that you don't get to hear every label that comes out. Such was the case with Nordic Trax and I'm disappointed that it's been 'til now! The first EP here, courtesy of Gavin Froome, is a nice house groover. The standout tracks are the slow and chugging "8th Hour" and the bouncy "Fly Me To Brasil" that provides funky riffs and overall juicy sounds. Keep an eye out for this label, it's gonna be surfacing from the underground anytime now!" - Matthew Bernsen

DJ MAGAZINE (UK) - Nov 21 - Dec 4 1998 "One to seek out from this soon-to-be hip Canadian label. 'Fly Me To Brasil' is the one to head for -- a really raw piece of club music, led by a fat as fuck bassline, a repetitive Latin-y cowbell-ish noise and some trippy headfuck synth action which would probably play havoc with your mind if you were on drugs (but hey, we wouldn't know anything about that, or recommend it..). It's a really simple track (great for serious EQ abuse!), but a very good one too, probably best heard on a good system in a small, sweaty club. If you liked the rather excellent 'Sound of K' of F Comm, you'll probably dig this too. The other track isn't bad either, but 'Fly Me..' is definately the one." Rhythm- D (2nd reviewer): "Slightly reminiscent of Dinosaur L's 'Go Bang' with its punchy uptemp groove, growling bass, and expressive key-stabs. A peak time play for me, though the extra '8th Hour' track is unmemorable & lazy by comparison." 8-Bit: (3rd reviewer): You get subtle builds, adding layer upon layer of shuffling grooves, inter-changing organ stabs and deep basslines which roll relentlessly over everything. Rather reminiscent of Todd Terry's more inventive moments in dub-house territory."

MIXMAG UK - December '98 Gavin Froome 'Fly Me To Brasil' (Canadian Nordic Trax import) "Low-slung tech-house with a hypnotically deep bassline groove, jazzy stabs and relentlessly building percussion. An imaginative club track."
Ben Osborne

CIRCA MAGAZINE (UK) - Winter 98 Issue Gavin Froome/Fly Me To Brasil/8th Hour/Nordic Trax "Funky tech-house with one of those sticky, fat, shoulder shakin' basslines. Sharper than Zorro's flashing blade, Fly Me To Brasil, sucks up the notes and spits out an enchilada full of Saturday night spice and Sunday morning shortcomings. Acoustic Taco, with extra chillies." - Anton Garby

DJ MAGAZINE (UK) - 19 Dec 98 - 15 Jan 99 FROM 'ONES TO WATCH FOR 1999' "Vancouver based trippy/deep/jazzy/funky house imprint looking good for '99. With Gavin Froome's superb floor burner 'Fly Me To Brazil' causing a storm recently, plans are afoot to increase the label's profile. Next up, expect an EP from label boss/local scenester Luke McKeehan (as High Fidelity), another Froome EP and a Nordic Trax mix compilation (segued by Tyler 'T-Bone' Stadius and NT's McKeehan).

DISCOID - Italian Dance Magazine - December 1998 Issue Nordic Trax "Gavin Froome invites you on a tech-funk-house excursion in South America with the 2 mixes of Fly Me To Brasil (deep and percussive) then he conducts the dawning 8th Hour. All this in anticipation of his imminent album that is foreseen for January." BLUES & SOUL (UK) - December 1998 Issue "And Gavin Froome's EP on Canada's Nordic Trax label is best sampled for the filtered house jaunt, '8th Hour'."