TITLE: "Data Tracks To Distant Cities"
ARTIST: Gavin Froome
CATALOGUE: NT003 - 12"
RELEASE: June 1998

Five And A Half

Knee Deep
Mobile Villager

Mulligan - Double Bogey Mix

  Audio Samples for NT003: "KneeDeep"    

  A diverse debut EP from Vancouver producer Gavin Froome. Deep techno meets Nu-House - Uplifting and destined for the dancefloor. Independant producer Gavin Froome once lead noise-pop ensemble"PULL" to a major record deal before wisely bolting to ASIA. Now safely at home Gavin delivers this delicious 4 track EP. Enjoy. All tracks written by Gavin Froome except (4) written by Gavin Froome & Luke McKeehan.

*Knee Deep was licensed by David Alvarado for West Coast Vibes Vol.3