1. Home & Garden feat. Colette - "Innocent"
2. T.O.S. "Only When I'm Late"
3. Jon Delerious "Climbing 2001 - Dub Mix"
4. Josh & Luke Present The New CPU Experience "Take Control - Josh's Mix"
5. Morgan Page "Pathways"
6. MTrax "Trip Chick"
7. Gavin Froome "Deeper"
8. JT Donaldson & Chris Nazuka "Leading The Quiet Life"
9. Gavin Froome - "Bostonian"
10. MTrax - "Trip Chick - Home & Garden Remix"
11. Peter Hecher & Shawn Ward "Daydreaming"
12. Morgan Page - "Northern Lights"
13. Home & Garden - "Forever Lonely"

The sound of Nordic Trax? Vancouver deejay/producer Luke McKeehan drops a deep & smokey mixture of vinyl-only NT classics and forthcoming unreleased material.
The unique sound that "Nordic Trax have been doing so quietly for so long" (Untitled Music 26) comes to the fore on 'Lazy Transmissions' with an extended mix from Sonar resident and Nordic Trax founder McKeehan.
'Lazy Transmissions' is a mixture of tracks culled from Nordic Trax regulars like Tim Shumaker (aka TOS, aka Home & Garden), Gavin Froome and Peter Hecher, alongside such new-comers as Morgan Page, MTrax & Jon Delerious.

    Minty Magazine
Various Artists Lazy Transmissions Mixed by Luke McKeehan
hmmmm...I thought as my editor handed me Lazy Transmissions the new CD compilation from Vancouver BC based dance label Nordic Trax. Just what I need, another sleepy cd to send me deeper into my Seattle slumber. Well as beer connoisseurs say, donāt let the smooth taste fool you. Despite the name, this CD gets right to business stomping through any loud system, sprinkled with the occasional moody track allowing for a thought or two to slip in. Any house fan looking for chunky, dubby beats with jazzy hooks and intricacies throughout should seek out this gem and tell your friends.

    XLR8R #50 Dec 2001
Luke McKeehan founder of Canada's Nordic Trax label, mixes tracks from Gavin Froome, Home & Garden, JT Donaldson & Chris Nazuka and Mtrax into one continuous, evolving groove. Home & Garden remix of "Trip Chick" by Mtrax is a characteristic of the label's sound with it's driving, smooth mix and rolling beats. Colette also graces Home & Garden's "Innocent" with her sweetly resonating voice. Lazy Transmissions represents Nordic Trax in a manner that is anything but lazy-rather, each track of the release is crafted with painstaking skill.
Sara Jayne Crow XLR8R # 50

    DJ MAGAZINE 09.01
This is so up my alley I may move in. If you can start a compilation of your label's releases with 'Innocent' by Home & Garden, life must be very good. The slinkiness of Colette's vocals are capable of making you lose your head and you're only one track in. 'Lazy Transmissions' is anything but. you can tell the artists featured, including Trax, Gavin Froome, Morgan Page and Jon Delerious, have worked hard at their craft, all packaged with style by label boss Luke McKeehan. Sex in a CD jewel case and one of my albums of the year.
5/5 Kate Wildblood

Look behind the headlines and Canada's been there all the way. As anyone with the merest inkling of underground house and techno suss will agree, the maple leaf's long been as much a sign of quality as the kitemark.And when it comes to quality few can match the deep , deep, house of Luke McKeehan's Nordic Trax imprint. So here here's the man him-self mixing up his impressive and international portfolio (Chris Nazuka, Tim Shumaker, Morgan Page and Mtrax) through all shades of deepness from slippery phunk to spatial minimalism, via funky-ass Latino and opuient soul. And doing it really rather well.
4/5 Jez Torrance IDJ 09.01

Canadian deep house - probably jettisoned by John Aquaviva's Stickman label - has become a nice little goldmine for emotional, gorgeous mole-stiffie housings. Nordic Trax has , over 21 releases in four years, cemented a reputation as one of the forerunners. This CD sees Bossman Luke McKeehan roping together and mixing up 13 tracks of highlights, plus some new stuff, into a solid representation of the label's ethos. Label stalwarts like Gavin Froome, Mtrax, Home & Garden and Jon Delerious get in there with their rolling, rippling lush-house and JT Donaldson hitches up with none other than Derrick Carter's former jogging partner Chris Nazuka for a tidy little outing called "Leading A Quiet Life". A well-rounded representation, methinks.
4/5 Kris Needs, 7 MAGAZINE 08.22.01

Vancouver based deep house label Nordic Trax have been releasing music for almost 4 years. In that time they have gained popular support from the likes of Laurent Garneir, Craig Richards and Mark Farina, illustrating the labels diversity and appeal. Under the guidance of label boss Luke McKeehan he plunders the back catalogue for its finest releases and adds a few unreleased flavors that culminate in a 13 track mix, that simmer in deepness but has the added bite of tougher crunching floor action included for greater enjoyment. Highlights for myself include the beautiful vocal track 'Innocent' from Home & Garden feat. Colette that rides a deep funk based groove with persistent percussion, the driving stripped-back 'Climbing 2001 - Dub mix' from Jon Delerious as well as the hypnotic groove of 'Take Control (Josh's mix)' from Josh & Luke present The New CPU Experience. Others include JT Donaldson & Chris Nazuka with 'Leading A Quiet Life" and the Latino influenced 'Trip Chick' from Mtrax. A must have for lovers of deeper groove and mood.
8/10 Gavin Wilson BBM 09.03.01


When the office temperature is rising, we burn off our energy to the chunkier-than-Noel Edmonds' sweater deep house of this mix album from the top notch Canadian label. MINISTRY MAGAZINE 07.01 The title suggests chilled-out, down-tempo beats' but this sessions is likely to make you feel anything but lazy. The tech-house selections of Luke McKeehan are minimal and pulsing, but also full of melody and warmth. His set opens up with the sweet vocals of Collette, on Home & Garden's "Innocent ", and then picks up the motion on T.O.S.'s "Only When I'm Late." The latter sets the tone for most of the disc. The midway drops on Mtrax's "Trip Chick" provides a nice upset to the disc's generally thumping groove, until the synths roll on and trance out in a jazzy mode on Peter Hecher and Shawn Ward's "Daydreaming." Transmission almost comes to an oblique end with the spacious chords on Morgan Page's "Northern Lights," but Home & Garden pick it up again and bring the mix full circle with the subtle joy of " Forever Lonely." A solid set with a line-up that's dominantly Canuck, not to mention perfect for an afternoon party.
Prasad Bidaye EXCLAIM MAGAZINE 09.01

Sounds from the west-side, the west-coast, our Vancouver amigos that we at Klublife wish to develop more affinity to, don't think the shiznit shines only in the east. Luke McKeehan started in Toronto's warehouse scene during the late 80's, later checking out Vancouver/Seattle and doing some downtempo singles for Sweet Mother Recordings. He helped put Mo Funk Records on the block and in 97 started Nordic Trax to be the vessel to carry out his deep house desires, also becoming a driving force behind Vancouver's groundbreaking clubs Chameleon and Sonar ( the later to which he recently celebrated the 3rd year of his weekly Fever sessions). Teamed up with Tim Shumaker, Peter Hecher, Tyler "T-Bone" Stadius and Vancouver's Gavin Froome. Nordic Trax has produced some of Canada's finest, no-nonsense house - check out the Necessary Pieces series by T-Bone. Luke's extensive experience on the decks shows here, he's a pro with his programming as he dishes out the proper and balanced does of Nordic Trax delights.

Local nightclub conceptualist and mix maestro Luke McKeehan takes deep house down a few notches on Lazy Transmissions, the latest mixed CD from his label, Nordic Trax. Like a Sonar strobe light on stun, the thick, throbbing 4/4 beats and tribal undertones are as mesmerizing as they are monotonous, leaving the listener in La La Land one minute and in limbo the next. The ripe-and-ready talents behind the tracks-including Gavin Froome, Timothy Shumaker, and Morgan Page-bring together the usual bump 'n' grind bass lines and pick-me-up vocals that make house music, well, house music. Offering nothing out of the ordinary for Nordic Trax, the tunes are concise dance-floor ditties, blended like butter from start to finish in typical McKeehan style. Yet Lazy Transmissions leaves no toe untapped.
Deena Cox, THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT 09.22.01

Vancouver's Premier house label returns with a discerning mix to compliment DJ Tyler Stadius's incredible under-ground mix of house and techno, Necessary Pieces 2. Whereas Tyler is a long smooth mixer, moving through minimalist-influenced house and techno from funky to hard (yet never dissonat), Luke McKeehan drops tracks in a far more disco fashion, focusing on the complex rhythms of fully developed house, and timing the drop of the next track with utmost precision. Vancouver's Gavin Froome makes two appearances with tracks from his Skunks EP, alongside Calgary's Jon Delerious, and Vancouver up-and-comer Shawn Ward, who works with Peter Hecher on a track called "Daydreaming." Not to mention Joshua Michael's remix of Luke McKeehan's "Take Control" as The New CPU Experience. But enough about innards: what is great is the stringing of the entrails, as one house track moves through the next in a very precise manner, blood and guts, drum machines, synths and all, show casing not only the talents of a proficient DJ but also the roster of a well-respected and deserving of every inch, Vancouver record label.