CATALOGUE: NT013 - 12"

Track Listing:

side A
1. Skunks
2. Secretaria side
3. Bostonian
4. Deeper

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  7 Magazine Skunks EP The title track 'Skunks' blows over, full of mystery and mellow distorted pads. On 'Secretaria', the 4/4 kicks a bit harder, then in come the swirls and funky bassline and, yes, we're groovin. 'Bostonian' is a lifting hip shaker with brass stabs, while 'Deeper' rounds off proceedings with sub-bass vibes. Four cuts that'll have you engrossed.
Dean Thatcher ****


DJ Magazine
Skunks EP
First out 'Skunks' is a double-deep, dubbed out, Vaguely techy house track, with tippy tappy hi hats and a suitably dark droopy bassline. Think pitched down Soma/Slam in a hazy weed addled trippy Kenny Hawkes warm-up set and you'll be just about there. It's good stuff basically. Track 2 'Secretaria' is deep again, not as good, but fine warm-up/wind-down stuff, with a fat bassline and dreamy vibes. Flip for 'Bostonian', the best cut on this 4-tracker; it starts off beatless, to the sound of a growing, throbbing bass, before dropping into some really funky drums. This is a real gear-shifter, one of those tracks to drop @ midnight and get people away from the bar and onto the floor. Excellent stuff. Last track 'Deeper' is a Bassino-style meanderer. Stick with 'Bostonian'. Nordic Trax continue to impress.
JB ****

www.dotmusic.com Single Review - Mon 3 Jul 2000 GAVIN FROOME - 'SKUNKS EP'
Having lapped up the praise that greeted his Mobile Villager album, Gavin Froome makes a speedy return with an EP of deliciously deep and funky house. The title track, 'Skunks', is a superbly minimalist offering which utilises subdued horn stabs revolving around building harmonic chords and floating over a nodding bass line. Definitely a bar hit for the wisely chilled-out. Secretaria' builds from a thudding, muffled kick drum to lush, but again un-busy chords, until an organic bass creeps in. Displaying his careful, tactile lacing of samples and effects, the sound is completed by a nudging, murmured vocal, which adds humanism to the sound. The third track, 'Bostonian', is a funkier offering which has greater dance floor application. Carefully placed bass lifts the otherwise ambient sounds, while percussive licks pick up the straight four four beats. 'Deeper', the play out track, demonstrates closer attention to the bass line and has the same cross over qualities that landed Tranquillity Bass' 'Cantamilla' in so many DJ boxes in the mid Nineties.
Ben Osborne

www.untitledmusic.demon.co.uk Gavin Froome Skunks
Nordic Trax 'Skunks' kicks off the latest Nordic Trax offering, and it's straight into pleasure seeking deepness, rolling bass and heaven sent instrumentation form a sticky blend of sound with plenty of shape and form to keep you interested. There's an almost watery feel as the sound progressively builds on you adding vocal hints as it really gets under your skin. 'Secretaria' has a fuller groove, solid building goes into a fine piece of percussive playfulness as this bass cadet steps it's way to the heights of deep n deliciousness. 'Bostonian' up's the tempo a touch adding springy touches and orchestral trumpet loops. The dancier groove really opens up the sound. 'Deeper' drops the pitch a touch opting for deep penetrating bass and echoing keys, it's a familiar track, I just can't place it, but enjoyable all the same. Nordic Trax continue the highest quality sounds.