TITLE: Mobile Villager
RELEASE: Fall 99

Track Listing:
1. Five & A Half - 6:26
2. 8th Hour - 6:32
3. Malibu - 6:00
4. Fly Me to Brasil - album edit - 5:03
5. Closer to Leaving - 4:48
6. Knee Deep - 7:01
7. Ice Breaker - 5:10
8. It Is Time - 5:40
9. Mobile Villager - 5:53
10. Blue Collar - 6:27
11. Architect - 6:23
12. Disco Speciality - 7:10
total running time: 73:30

  Audio Samples for NT010: "Blue Collar"    

  After a busy Spring in the lab, Mr. Froome delivers his debut LP for Nordic Trax "Mobile Villager". Of the twelve tracks, five were previously released on the 12" singles NT003 & NT005. The remaining seven cuts display a diverse range of styles, including late night/early morning deep sessions alongside storming disco-influenced tech house.

The album begins with the uplifting chords of Five & A Half, a sweet piece of morning house music from our third release Data Tracks To Distant Cities (NT003). 8th Hour is a mellow groover with driving beats and a hauntingly trippy vocal sample, selected from the B-side of NT005. Next up is Malibu, an original cut and first of the disco-influenced pieces on the album. Hold tight for an intense build-up and satisfying release, this one's a shaker and leads well into Gavin's biggest track to date, Fly Me To Brasil. Mixmag called Fly Me "Low-slung tech-house with a hypnotically deep bassline and an imaginative club track" (Jan/99), while DJ Magazine confirmed it as "a really raw piece of club music and rather reminiscent of Todd Terry's more inventive moments in dub-house territory" (Dec 98).

After the banging business of Fly Me, the downtempo excursion on Closer To Leaving is a chance to catch your breath. The soft guitar and head-nodding beats paint the picture of a lazy summer's day when thoughts drift elsewhere. Gavin's next track is Knee Deep, a hooky bit of 4/4 house from NT003 that caught the eye of LA producer/dj David Alvarado and subsequently appeared on his mixed CD "West Coast Vibes Volume 3". Ice Breaker and It Is Time follow; two inventive new tracks displaying a heightened dancefloor sensibility. Ice Breaker's plodding beat works the track into an infectious groove, while It Is Time resembles a more 'classic' sounding adventure in deep house, with a melancholic hook and generally homesick vibe.

The title track Mobile Villager is taken from NT003 and is one of the more unique sounding audio excursions Gavin has produced. A building deep techno groove with swirling stabs and a moody vocal sample, Mobile Villager is a slammin' cut ahead of its time. Blue Collar brings us back to more familiar territory, but is stylistically a bit 'Jekyl-and-Hyde' with a catchy, unsuspecting piano build interrupted by a thumping descender of a bassline. A cool piece of club music. The second to last track is Archictect, definitely one for the drive home. Sweet chords and an unassuming bass line make this a sentimental favourite and mellow things out nicely before the final cut, Disco Speciality. The closing track is a peak-time play; a hooky disco-tech shuffle guaranteed to rock the dancefloor and press repeat on that CD player.